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Hereford Psychedelic Integration Group

The culture of the integration circle

Everyone is welcome. This is a sharing circle for people who have had challenging or unresolved experiences and want to make sense of these; it is for people who wish to share meaningful experiences; and it is for people who wish to learn more about psychedelics through the sharing, with harm reduction in mind.


The circle has the following culture:


We ask that what is said in the circle is kept confidential. Outside this group please do not share another’s words, actions, or identity. Please feel free to speak of your own experience and personal insights or reflections but do not name another. This confidentiality is intended to create a safe container for open sharing and connection for all present.

Active listening

We encourage you to listen actively to others as they speak; listening to their words, their tone of voice and their body language. When we attend in this way the sharing deepens and this benefits everyone present.

We do not fix, rescue or advise

We ask that you do not give unsolicited advice. This means that when you speak about your experience you are safe in the knowledge that you can be free to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences without interruption, evaluation or interpretation. Please do not interrupt another with your opinion or advice. If you feel you have something to offer, please ask permission before offering reflections. If you want advice or feedback, invite this from the group.

No drugs or alcohol

Please do not attend the group while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is a conscious space and we ask that you bring your willingness to participate and your full awareness.

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